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Mar 25, 2020

Planned parenthood refuses to comply with ohio ag's order to stop non-essential abortions • Despite coronavirus, chinese government continues to destroy churches, steal crosses • Government closure of churches during covid-19 is legal if temporary • Trump on house democrats coronavirus relief bill: 'no way i’m signing that deal' with 'green new deal stuff'

Mar 18, 2020

Nigerian christians killed in the first two months of 2020 • Dr. ben carson urges americans to lean into faith, prayer amid covid-19 outbreak • Trump doj: christian photographer shouldn't be forced to work same-sex wedding • Rare 6th circuit court hearing: all 15 judges attend ohio down syndrome abortion law arguments

Mar 11, 2020

Virginia bans sexual orientation conversion therapy for youth with unwanted same-sex attraction • St. paul, mn to celebrate ‘abortion providers appreciation day’ • High school football coach fired for praying after games loses in federal court • What is the 'christian response' to the coronavirus? pastors urge faith over fear

Mar 04, 2020

Supreme court set to argue important election-year abortion case • Biden rolls to super tuesday victories across the south, sanders wins colorado and vermont • Israeli scientists say they’ll have a coronavirus vaccine in just weeks • Death toll jumps to at least 24 after tornado rips through nashville and central tennessee

Feb 26, 2020

Bernie sanders calls criticism of fidel castro’s communist cuba ‘unfair’ • Disney-pixar featuring first lgbt character in ‘onward’ • Evangelical christian sues us postal service over mandatory work on sundays • President trump announces advisory board to expose research using aborted baby parts

Feb 19, 2020

Navy chaplain accused of violating constitution for encouraging soldiers to 'lead like jesus' • Utah senate committee unanimously approves bill to decriminalize polygamy • Tn city pastors say revival exploding among various churches shows 'god is moving' • 215 house democrats back bill that would overturn hundreds of pro-life state laws